WHOOPS! Liberals Are Sweating Bullets After THIS VIDEO Emerges Proving They Agree With Trump About The LYING MEDIA!

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It’s now an unshakable tenet of liberal ideology that you can’t criticize the media. (Unless it’s Fox News, then criticize away!) If the president utters the merest word about CNN or MSNBC or any other traditional news outlet, the establishment media freaks out.

Do you know who agrees with him, though? Bernie Sanders.

Well, at least he did. Back during the 1980s, when Comrade Sanders was beginning his slow slog up the mountain of Vermont politics, he was caught on camera actually making sense.

That’s a very bizarre thing for Sanders — and, in fairness, there was the usual tinge of socialism about it — but he made a decent argument about why you oughtn’t trust our fourth estate.

“In general — not in general, but as is the fact, mass media in this country is owned by very, very wealthy people,” Sanders said.

“Both David and Abbie mentioned that we live in a country where a tiny handful of people own and control our country,” he continued.

“And you can be damn sure that when you own and control this country, you own and control the media.

“Now, we do have a free media,” Sanders continued. “A free society.”

“And, for a mere six or seven billion dollars, anyone in this room could probably buy CBS.”

It’s always about owning the means of production for Comrade Sanders, isn’t it?

And no, I don’t know who David or Abbie are, although I’m guessing by his friends we’re possibly talking about Abbie Hoffman here.

It’s kind of funny that we don’t see this clip being played on any news networks. If any politician dares step out and criticize the establishment media these days, it’s likely to be a Republican.

And there’s a good reason why. They’re essentially simpatico with Bernie Sanders and his retinue these days, supporting whatever cause is currently on their agenda.

No, Bernie Sanders didn’t have six or seven billion dollars to buy CBS. He didn’t need it. All he had to do was to figure out how to get the “free media” to uncritically support pretty much anything he proposes.

And that’s why he was right to distrust the establishment media. And thanks to the magic of video, he managed to prove why Donald Trump is right about the motives of the media, 30 years before we even started talking about “very fake news.”

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