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Pro-Trump Sihk Man ATTACKED By ANTIFA, Told To “Go Back to Your Country”

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Somehow the Left has continued to push the narrative that President Trump and Conservatives are the “racist” ones.

Leftist violence is on the rise and neither the media or the Democrats want to see it end.  In fact both seem to be supporting and enabling the violence against conservatives all while blaming President Trump for their deeds.

Case in point.  Fifty-year-old Surjit Malhi had just placed his last campaign sign at the corner of Foote and Keyes in Sacramento California for Republican candidate for Congressman Jeff Denham. And from no where a group of Antifa leftists beat the man senseless out of him and told him to, “Go back to your country!”

Malhi is a Republican.

His attackers are violent ANTIFA leftists.  They are not protesters.  They are Democrat party operatives disguised as an independent group taking matters into their own hands using violent terrorist tactics.  The media is criminally silent – the Democratic party just criminal.

CBS Local reported:

A well-known member of the Stanislaus County community was brutally beaten while placing campaign signs, and police are investigating it as a hate crime.

It was Tuesday night in Keyes and 50-year-old Surjit Malhi had just placed his last sign at the corner of Foote and Keyes when he came upon two men waiting for him as returned to his truck.

“As soon as I saw them they threw sand in my eyes,” Malhi said.

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And that was just the beginning of the attack. The two men proceeded to beat Malhi in the head, shoulders and neck.

“And I cleared my eyes and I saw them,” Malhi said.

Blue eyes peeking through black hoodies is what he saw. And as the beating continued his attackers shouted, “Go back to your country!”

We can expect the liberal media to use this beating just as they have used other acts of violence in Berkeley, Portland and many other cities to blame conservatives and Donald Trump for the violence.   They are part and parcel of this criminal conspiracy.   Well funded ANTIFA thugs are using Brown-Shirt Style intimidation and the media … is Pravda.

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