CRAZED ICE Protesters Arrested After SWAT Team Called In

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While much of the “resistance” to President Trump has been done via Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms of the millennial mating ritual, a few radical leftists have taken to the streets in order to push their narrative in person.

Often times, and simply due to the nature of these groups of angry liberals, these clashes turn violent.

One of the most poignant and disturbing examples comes to us from Berkeley, California in February of 2017, where a number of students at the famously liberal University of California campus there rioted, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, simply because homosexual conservative author Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak on campus.  Milo’s event was canceled, and subsequent events involving Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter were adversely affected as well.

As the government’s zero-tolerance enforcement of illegal immigration laws has been the hot topic among liberal lunatics as of late, there has been a newly concerted effort by the left to harass and obstruct the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or, ICE.

One such attempt to do just that had to be broken up by a local SWAT team this week.

Protesters at an ICE facility in Centennial were taken into custody Thursday afternoon as SWAT team members from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office removed them from a blockade.

The scene unfolded late in the afternoon at 12445 E. Caley Ave., an Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office.

Several protesters who were bound together, arm in arm, blocking access to a parking lot at the building were removed and arrested. Other protesters chanted and tried to slow down the SWAT team as it slowly and methodically moved in on the human blockade.

The liberal left’s overt radicalization now has them protesting against officers of the law here in the United States.  How far off could something far more tragic be, at this rate?

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