BREAKING: New FBI Docs Revealed Hillary Was Hiding SECOND Secret Email Server

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Documents turned over Friday by the FBI show Obama administration lawyers “kowtowing” to Hillary Clinton’s legal team over the release of evidence on a second private email server she used while secretary of state, tweeted Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The documents were obtained as part of a Judicial Watch lawsuit.

The “successor server,” hosted by Platte River Networks in Denver, was famously erased with the software program BleachBit.

National Security reporter Jordan Schachtel, as the Gateway Pundit blog reported, combed through the documents and found that Clinton lawyers initially did not reveal to the FBI the existence of the second server.

The FBI lawyers and Clinton’s team then engaged in negotiations over what the bureau could and could not see.

Schachtel, noting the extensive negotiations, asked: “Was she hiding something?”

In a Sept. 22, 2015, letter to longtime lawyer for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, David Kendall, the Justice Department wrote that not disclosing the “successor” server cast doubt on his and Clinton’s willingness to cooperate in the investigation.

“We are concerned that, notwithstanding your repeated statements in oral and written correspondence regarding your and your client’s willingness to cooperate in this matter, you had not raised the existence of the ‘successor’ server or offered access to it prior to your September 21 letter,” the DOJ wrote.

Kendall replied, insisting he was fully cooperative, that his team already had provided a thumb drive of data and equipment related to the first server supporting Clinton’s private email account. The attorney said he “would be happy to assist” the intelligence community inspector general’s investigation with the evidence related to the successor server “consistent with maintaining the privacy of other accounts that are not part of your inquiry.”

In the investigation, Clinton gave the State Department 30,490 work-related emails on Dec. 5, 2014, and “chose not to keep” 31,830 emails she regarded as “personal.” The FBI discovered they were deleted between March 25 and 31, 2015, about three weeks after she was served with a congressional subpoena.

Letter from Justice Department to Hillary Clinton lawyer David Kendall
Clinton lawyer David Kendall’s reply to the State Department


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