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[VIDEO] A Woman Just Fainted at a Trump Rally in PA – You Won’t BELIEVE How He Reacted!

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Every liberal snowflake and looney Democrat in the country thinks that President Trump is a jerk, who doesn’t care about anyone except himself. Well, after a woman recently fainted at one of his rallies, what Trump did should only prove to SILENCE their criticisms.

From Daily Wire:

It is not unusual for supporters of President Trump to wait hours in line for his rallies.

Yesterday, one of his dedicated supporters who had a spot close to the stage fainted during Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania.

In a video taken at the rally, Trump stops his speech after he notices a woman faint.

“Are you okay?” he asks, pointing to her. He asks her two more times if she is okay.

“We have got to stick with our people that wait here for hours and hours. Right?” he says, a comment met with applause from the audience.

He asks her again if she is okay and then determines that she “looks good.”

“Anybody in this front row, they’ve been here for many hours. Thank you darling, thank you,” he adds.

As the woman is being escorted out by medical personnel, the president invites her back: “And come back if you want, come back after you get a little bit better. You come back darling,” he says to the woman.

“Make sure she gets back. We will bring her up here,” he adds.


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