Media Whines To Sarah Sanders That Saying ‘CNN Sucks’ Is ‘Violent’ Hate Speech – Sanders Gives Them A HARSH REMINDER Of The Golden Rule!

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The fake news media is outraged over how anti-Trump lunatic Jim Acosta was treated at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.

The crowd booed him and broke out into a “CNN SUCKS” chant, and Acosta’s feelings were hurt, and others in the media were “outraged.”

Outraged, after they’ve spent years calling Trump supporters Nazis, racists, bigots, hillbillies, and other assorted insults.

During the White House presser, a reporter tried to corner Sara Huckabee on the issue at the rally, acting as if Trump supporters were inciting violence (notice these are the same people who didn’t care that Maxine Waters actually made a CALL to attack Trump officials), and Huckabee answered the loaded question beautifully.


Via TruthFeed

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