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This Oregon Democrat Just Tweeted Something NASTY About Melania – Trump Has To Be FUMING Over This!

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A liberal candidate for Oregon state congress took to Twitter, where he bashed our FLOTUS, referring to her as a “hooker.”

What is shocking to most, is that despite being reported by many Twitter users, this man still has his account, while Trump supporters who say far less offensive things are suspended regularly.

From Daily Caller:

Oregon Congressional candidate Mark Roberts insulted first lady Melania Trump on Twitter Monday, implying she works as a prostitute.

Roberts, who is running as an independent for the second Congressional district, responded to a tweet from Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and decided to bash the first lady.

Kirk’s pointed out major differences between Melania’s White House staff and the staff of former first lady Michelle Obama and said the Trumps are getting by with a much smaller team.

Kirk claimed Obama had 44 staffers working for her, while Melania only has five.

Roberts responded by asking Kirk if he knew the first lady “works by the hour,” and then he place hashtags on the words, “thinkdirty” and “hoebag.”


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