EPIC: WH Is So Fed Up With Acosta They Have A Dedicated Staff Member Just To KICK HIM OUT

Jim Acosta’s pesky antics have become so bothersome White House aides had to “shoo” him from the grounds.

President Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a joint presser on Monday.

After a few comments from Trump and Conte the press began to shout out questions but were basically told to pipe down and go away … CNN’s Acosta, in particular.

“Move, Jim! Let’s go! Keep going Jim. Let’s go. Come on Jim. Go. We’re done,” an aide yelled when Acosta began yelling questions about “collusion.”

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

Naturally, the anti-Trump crowd saw the scene as a sign of the upcoming apocalypse.


On the other hand, those who are tired of the constant spin spewed forth by the biased arm of the Democrat Party known as the mainstream media got a chuckle from the exchange:

Acosta was quick to whine on Twitter about the way he and the press had been treated:

And while the left chimed in to offer their condolences, Acosta didn’t garner a lot of sympathy from Trump supporters.


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