WATCH: Joy Villa Visited Trump’s Destroyed Star, And Then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

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After being completely obliterated with a pickaxe earlier this week, Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has made news again, this time for being the site of a wild brawl that broke out between anti-Trump protesters and MAGA supporters.

The violence erupted after singer Joy Villa and some fellow pro-Trumpers met at what remains of the star to sing the national anthem and pose with a cardboard cutout of Trump. Here’s what Villa posted Thursday about the pro-MAGA gathering:

What happened shortly after involved a whole let less “love.” According to Yahoo News, “anti-Trump protesters” appeared on the scene and tensions quickly escalated.

Though it’s unclear what exactly led to fists flying, it’s clear who Yahoo blames: “Donald Trump incited a brawl in Hollywood on Thursday night — and the president wasn’t even in town.”

Video of the fight was posted online and retweeted by social media personality Austen Fletcher (you can view it here; warning: violence and language). Below are a few screenshots from the chaotic scene, during which at one point a man holding a camera appears to be drop-kicked:

Villa later posted a follow-up tweet on the “absolutely insane” incident, for which she said a police report has been filed “for assault and burglary.”

The fight comes just two days after Austin Clay, 24, took a pickaxe out of his guitar case and went to town on the star — the second time it’s been destroyed in two years.

After turning himself in and reportedly getting bailed out by former Trump star vandal James Otis, Clay proudly told TMZ, “I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants and him stripping children away from their parents.”

“I think Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents,” he added. “So that’s why I did it.”

Clay also revealed to TMZ that some famous names, including Robert DeNiro, Chelsea Handler and Mark Hamill, have personally contacted him to thank him for the act of vandalism. Clay says the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is requiring him to pay $3,000 to replace the star, but that he’s “proud” of what he did.

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