‘I KEEP MY PROMISES’ – Trump Sets Himself Apart From Past Political Puppets, Tosses Obama Under A Speeding Bus!

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President Tump held a rally at the Granite City Works Steel Coil Warehouse during his manufacturing tour Thursday afternoon in Illinois, where he hammered on the issues of trade and the economy to an audience of factory workers and supporters.

Trump noted that the media was attacking him far more than any other president.

“Look at all those cameras,” Trump said. “All of those cameras. Every stop — I got all of these cameras. This never happened to Obama. This never happened to Bush. This didn’t happen. They just follow. They’re dying to see us make a little mistake. They analyze every word.”

But then Trump made a special distinction between himself and his predecessors.

“For years, politicians ran for office pledging to crack down on unfair foreign trade,” Trump said to the enthused audience, “only to get elected, get into office and then do absolutely nothing except let our country get ripped off.”

Trump continued, “But I’m not like other politicians. I’ve never been a politician before. I started two-and-a-half years ago, and I became president. How am I doing? Okay?”

The audience roared.

“I keep my promises. I keep my promises to your industry and I keep my promises to the workers of this country,” Trump concluded, “U.S. Steel announced they were restarting production right here in granite city and bringing back far more than the original estimate of 500 jobs. A lot more than that now.”


Via DailyCaller 

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