Communist Protesters Rally Against Pence In PA, Dress Up As ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Characters

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Protesters adorned in red hoods mimicking The Handmaid’s Tale television show showed up by the dozens to protest Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday.

Chants of “this nightmare must end” rang from the protesters in red hoods and white bonnets, according to the Associated Press. The group’s grievances ranged from “Trump administration policies on abortion rights, LGBT rights, immigration, and other issues” and Barletta’s support for Trump, according to the report. The Handmaid’s Tale is a book turned into a television series that depicts a totalitarian society where women are forced into sexual servitude.

Pence traveled to Philadelphia for an America First Policies “Tax Cuts to Put America First” event before joining another event to support Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA). Barletta is campaigning to take the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Sen. Bob Casey.

Samantha Goldman of communist organization Refuse Fascism organized the protest, according to local ABC6 News. She told the outlet that protesters had gathered for weeks before the protest to sew the red hooded capes and make the white bonnets for their costumes. Refuse Fascism’s website states its connection to the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

AJ+ posted a photo stating that the protesters eventually shed their red hooded garb:

Protest signs included the messages “Free press, fake president” and “Freedom of religion is freedom from religion,” reported local NBC10 News. Goldman was quoted as saying, “Nothing short of removing this whole illegitimate regime from power will stop this nightmare.”

Pence posted photos with Barletta and the message, “Great to be in Pennsylvania today supporting my friend @LouForSenate. Lou Barletta will put the interests of the hardworking men & women of PA first and will be an advocate for @RealDonaldTrump ‘s pro-growth economic agenda!”

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