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A Carjacker Tried To Steal a Gun Owner’s Truck, and One Of Them Ended Up In The Morgue – We’ll Let You Guess Which One!

A suspected carjacker jumped into a truck and was shot dead by the vehicle’s owner while attempting to flee the scene.

From Breitbart:

ABC 13 reports that three suspects in total were allegedly involved in the attempted carjacking at a Houston apartment complex, and at least some of them were armed. The owner of the truck says the suspected carjackers tried to run over him before getting trapped in the parking lot because the exit gate to the complex was closed.

With the suspects trapped the owner ran toward the truck to try to get it back, only to have the suspects allegedly open fire on him and try to flee. The owner responded by returning fire, killing one of the suspects.

The suspect died in the road and an oncoming car wrecked while swerving to avoid his body.

The other two suspects escaped.

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