Trump Shares The Democrat He Dreams Of Running Against In 2020 Race

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President Donald Trump recently shared his thoughts about re-election, revealing the Democrat he described as his “dream” opponent.

He opined about the 2020 presidential cycle in response to a question from “CBS Evening News” anchor Jeff Glor this week.

“Who do you think your Democratic opponent will be?” the interviewer asked. “Joe Biden says he’ll make a decision by January.”

Trump expressed optimism about the prospect that the former vice president will earn his party’s nomination in two years.

“Well, I dream, I dream about Biden,” Trump said. “That’s a dream.”

The president went on to claim that “Joe Biden ran three times” and “never got more than 1 percent” in his candidacies.

A six-term senator from Delaware, Biden first campaigned for president ahead of the 1988 election, though controversies including a plagiarism accusation forced him to withdraw early.

He was selected as then-nominee Barack Obama’s running mate after his unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

According to Trump’s assessment, “President Obama took (Biden) out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did it.”

The president described his chances against any of the leading Democratic contenders favorably, but clearly indicated he has a preference.

“I’d love to have it be Biden,” he continued. “I’d like to have any of those people that we’re talking about.”

Trump went on to cast himself as the likely victor against “the group of seven or eight” Democrats at the center of early 2020 speculation.

“I’d really like to — I’d like to run against any one of them,” he said. “But Biden never by himself could never do anything.”

Trump again claimed his predecessor saved Biden’s political career.

“President Obama took him, made him vice president and he was fine,” Trump said. “But you go back and look at how he succeeded in running, when he ran two or three times, I don’t think he ever break — broke one. He was at the one or less level, 1 percent or less level.”

Biden addressed the issue recently during a forum discussion in Bogota, Columbia, as reported by USA Today.

“I know I have to make up my mind and I have to do it by January,” Biden said.

During his remarks at the 2018 Concordia Americas Summit, he addressed what he called “the siren song of populism and phony nationalism that threatens the north and south,” including the United States.

“In fact, this is a global challenge,” he said.

Trump and Biden have engaged in a sustained, often personal, war of words dating back at least to the 2016 presidential campaign.

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