Self-Important April Ryan Believes She Owns The Press Floor…After Sarah Puts Her In Line, She Throws A HUMONGOUS TANTRUM

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White House correspondent April Ryan threw a mini-tantrum when Sarah Sanders would not answer a question she yelled out during a press briefing.

The American Urban Radio Networks reporter interrupted Sanders after she called on another reporter to ask a question during Wednesday’s press briefing.

Ryan fired off a question about “voter suppression” event though the White House press secretary had not called on her. Ryan continued to ask her question even after Sanders repeatedly called on someone else, ignoring Ryan’s interruption.

“Is voter suppression included with that, please? I’m just asking you a question because you choose not to call on me. Is voter suppression part of that election process that the president is trying to look for?” Ryan called out.

“John, go ahead,” Sanders said, ignoring her.

“Oh, you’re not going to answer that,” Ryan huffed. ”That’s alright, fine.”

“If I call on you, I’ll be happy to answer your question,” Sanders said.

Ryan even sparred with Twitter users who believed she needed to wait her turn to be called on rather than call out questions.

Self-important Ryan vehemently disagreed:

Ryan was eventually called on and was able to ask her pressing question.

“You did not mention voter suppression in that. Voter suppression has been an issue for decades,” she said. “Is voter suppression now on the table?”

“We want to do everything within our power to protect the integrity of our elections,” Sanders replied, “and we’re going to look at that on a number of fronts.”

Many Patriots believe Sanders deserves an award for putting up rude journalists, Ryan in particular.


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