Rudy Giuliani To Mueller – ‘If You Want To Interview Trump, You Better Present Some REAL EVIDENCE Of Collusion’

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Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has reportedly changed the parameters under which a potential interview with special counsel Robert Mueller would take place.

Now, according to a Friday report from The New York Times, Mueller would need to have evidence that the president committed a crime in order for an interview to be granted.

From the Times:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, needs to prove before Mr. Trump would agree to an interview that he has evidence that Mr. Trump committed a crime and that his testimony is essential to completing the investigation, said Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s lead lawyer in the case.

His declaration was the latest sign that the president’s lawyers, who long cooperated quietly with the inquiry even as their client attacked it, have shifted to an openly combative stance.

“If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity,” Giuliani said.

One key question Trump’s attorneys would reportedly like Mueller to explain is how an investigation that began as a probe into Russian election meddling has turned into an obstruction of justice investigation potentially focusing on the president.

Via DailyCaller

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