Even The Liberals Are Getting Tired Of Acosta’s Self-Serving Loud Mouth, Watch One Man Tell Him To ZIP IT!

A man had to repeatedly turn around to tell CNN White House correspondent and provocateur Jim Acosta to be quiet after he yelled at President Donald Trump on Friday during a White House tax bill event.

The event was “intended to commemorate the more than six months that have passed since he signed the GOP tax bill into law,” CBS News reported.

“Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir?” Acosta yelled. “Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?”

“Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir?” Acosta continued to yell.

The man in front of him repeatedly turned around to tell him to be quiet.


Former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer weighed in on Acosta’s antics, writing on Twitter:

“I tried to ask the president if he would stop calling us the enemy of the people,” Acosta tweeted. “He did not respond.”

“We also had a few folks who shushed is in the audience,” Acosta continued. “Of course we are not going to be shushed.”

Twitter users quickly criticized and mocked Acosta’s misleading tweet:

Via DailyWire

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