President Embraces Tender Moment At MoH Ceremony – What Trump Says Next Made It Even More Memorable

Before presenting the Congressional Medal of Honor on Tuesday, President Trump shared a tender moment with the recipient’s wife and proceeded to bring the house down with a classic one-liner.


When President Trump welcomed the wife of First Lt. Garlin M. Conner, a World War II hero and native of Albany, Kentucky, to the stage to receive the Medal of Honor, an incredible moment occurred.

As Trump was showing Mrs. Conner to her seat on stage, she refused to sit down until she gave the president a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.

As she neared her chair, she went out of her way to reach out and hug Trump, who was somewhat startled at first but reciprocated with a warm embrace and kissing gesture of his own.

Once the embrace was over, Mrs. Conner took her seat and Trump delivered a line that brought the house down.

“She told me she voted for Trump” he said. The line was met with an uproar of laughter and applause from those in attendance.

Via DailyCaller

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