FAKE NEWS ALERT: Time Magazine Publishes SHOCKING New Cover, Unashamedly Lies! Even CNN Was Shocked

A CNN panel ripped TIME for its new magazine cover on Friday afternoon, which inaccurately identified a Honduran toddler as the face of the separation issue at the U.S. Mexico border. The photo showed her crying and looking up at President Trump with the title “Welcome to America” in an attempt to portray the president as cold and heartless.


“Not only Republicans should pounce, media should pounce, Democrats should pounce, because when you make someone the emblem of a problem in a land where people have a lot of suspicions about media coverage — and think this might be somebody messing with them or exaggerating a problem that like existed in a different capacity under Obama,” Mary Katharine Ham, a CNN contributor stated.

“Then yeah, when you put that person as the symbol and it turns out she is not effected by that policy and was in fact not separated and her mother was a repeat offender coming over the border again,” she continued.

Sandra Sanchez her two-year-old daughter Yanela were never separated from one another even after being captured after illegally trying to enter the country, despite the narrative the media created. Sanchez was deported back in 2013, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“This is infuriating that this happened because it hurts all media,” Jackie Kucinich said, a CNN political analyst added. “Do better.”

Via DailyCaller

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