Retired Army Col.’s Message Will Send Chills Down Your Spine – Here’s Why He Recommends Every Law Abiding American Get A Gun…

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The ongoing media-driven hysteria over the separation of children from their illegal immigrant parents has liberals in a frenzy of emotional posturing.

MSNBC hosts are crying crocodile tears on the air, and seemingly every leftist post on social media compares President Donald Trump and other Republicans to Hitler and the Nazis.

The Washington Post’s Max Boot exemplified the liberals’ kids-at-the-border political melodrama in a column Monday headlined, “Has Trump finally gone too far?

Boot wrote that the president, “with his barbarous policy of separating the children of undocumented immigrants from their parents,” has “finally provided vivid, camera-ready examples of how his policies are destroying the lives of ordinary people. … The almost 2,000 kids taken from their families over a six-week period and warehoused in detention facilities that some compare to Nazi concentration camps” — check! — “are not speculative, theoretical victims. They are all too real, and their plight is heart-rending. …

“Given the widespread outrage that his diabolical policy has generated, you might think that the president has finally gone too far. Except for one thing: The sheep in Republican clothing are refusing to break with him even over something so wicked.”

Boot concluded by saying, “If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness.”

Enter Jennifer Rubin, who bills herself as a “conservative blogger” for The Post but always seems to side with the people who hate conservatives.

She retweeted the last line of Boot’s column and said “yes!”

The expressed desire of Boot and Rubin to eliminate Republicans from the United States brought a fiery response from retired Army Col. Kurt Schlichter, who writes for

“When I tell you to buy guns and ammunition, I’m talking about preparing for the day that people like this have power again,” Schlichter tweeted Monday.

“They hate you and want you dead or enslaved. Just ask them. They will tell you. And if you aren’t ready to fight, then they will get their wish.”

It’s not a new sentiment for the combative retired colonel, who often points to liberals’ loathing of conservatives and urges people on the right to be ready to defend themselves.

Schlichter echoed those themes in responses to his tweet.

While most Americans hope and pray there will never come a day when we need to take up arms to defend ourselves against a tyrannical leftist government, the tenor of the immigration debate and the growing hostility toward conservatives suggest such a scenario isn’t an impossibility.

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