Kellyanne Cuts To The Chase – Puts Liberals In Their Place With An Extremely Classy Response

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Senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway firmly stood behind the Trump administration’s decision to uphold the law and deter illegals from crossing the border, even if it means locking up law-breaking parents and caring for their young children.

Despite the fully-loaded campaign to paint anyone who defends the position of the president as heartless and inhumane, many GOP lawmakers and pundits with a backbone are standing up to the pressure.

And no one does pressure better than Kellyanne.

Todd: But as you know, this is a question of morality. A question of —

Conway: You have heard me weigh in on that.

Todd: I did. This is a question of morality.

Conway: As a mother, as Catholic, as somebody who has got a conscience and wouldn’t say the junk that somebody said. Apparently, allegedly. I will tell you that nobody likes this policy. You saw the president on camera, he wants this to end. But everybody has —Congress has to act.

Todd: He can end it on his own.

Conway: Chuck, Congress padded — passed a law that it’s a crime. This is a crime to enter this country illegally. So if they don’t like that law they should change it.

Todd: You can keep the families together. Why can’t you find a way to still potentially —

Conway: Do you want the child in jail as opposed to a facility?

Todd: Why don’t you create a family detention center?

Conway: We had those under President Obama but the Democrats are holding up the funding to expand those. The president had a 70 point immigration plan this was included in it. Doubling the detention center capacity, hiring more I.C.E. Agents. We don’t have the capacity. Those brave men and women at the border trying to do their jobs as best they can, this is an issue. And if the Democrats are serious and if a lot of Republicans are serious they’ll come together. They won’t talk about this week the dreamers or just the wall. Or just catch and release. It’s all of the above. There are ways to repatriate these families back to their home countries expeditiously. But, I want to make clear because thank you for saying nobody is arguing the kids aren’t getting care. A lot of folks are pretending the kids are not getting. A lot of people on your network are saying it’s analogous to the concentration camps and Nazi’s. What a disrespect, an outrageous disrespect to the 6 million people who perished at that time.


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