As Liberal Media Spins FLOTUS Conspiracies – Melania Shares Story On How She Influenced Pence VP Pick

First lady Melania Trump was spotted at a FEMA event with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday.

It was Melania’s first public appearance in a few weeks, which ignited new press attention.

The same day the first lady did this, People reported that, according to a new book, Melania Trump was actually instrumental to bringing Pence onto the 2016 campaign to be Trump’s vice presidential pick.

People reports:

“Melania was ‘decidedly in Pence’s corner’ because she saw the need to balance out her husband’s scandal-laden life and impulsive nature with someone more even-keeled — who had ‘absolutely no skeletons’ in his closet.

The president has often spoken about how much he values his wife’s advice, and in this case, the author writes, ‘Melania’s shrewd instincts proved correct.”

Melania’s political instincts really are better than some people may think.

During a period of press scrutiny over her absence, Melania shot back to the media:

Via DailyCaller

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