Can Joy Reid Lie Her Way Out Of This One? MSNBC Host Praised Blog Asking Ann Coulter ‘To Kill Herself’, Then She Made Cruel Joke About Muslims Raping Her

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Newly revealed blog posts from MSNBC host Joy Reid show that she once promoted a disgusting attack on Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

In a vicious post going after Ann Coulter titled, “Dear Mr. Coulter,” she ended the post by saying “And finally, here’s one hell of an idea.”

The “one hell of an idea” line is hyperlinked to another post from the blog “Brilliant at Breakfast” titled, “Can we send Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter to Iraq, put them in a public square and just leave them there?”

It’s not clear what exactly this blogger meant — it may have been a joke about the two women getting abused by Muslim men, a remark that could be seen as Islamophobic. It could have also been a joke about the two women living in a society that would oppress them. Whatever the implication is, it certainly wasn’t good for the two women mentioned in the post’s title.

Apart from that joke, Reid savaged Coulter in other ways. She said that Coulter had a “little Brownshirt heart,” calling her “Mr. Coulter.”

She also said about Coulter: “No one actually loves you — and particularly, no one loves you enough to actually breed with you (provided they could figure out whether you would, in fact, be supplying the sperm, or the egg…)”

Reid also that “no sane man or woman would touch without a full course of penicillin and a hermetic body glove” would want to touch her.

All this, on top of praising a blogger that told Coulter to commit suicide.

The Daily Caller reached out to MSNBC for comment but did not receive one by press time.

TheDC reported Thursday that Reid made inflammatory blog posts about Israel and supporters of the Jewish state in the media. Reid wrote that AIPAC was a “powerful lobbying group that holds the whip hand over Republican and Democratic [sic] members of Congress alike.”

She also accused Jewish journalist Wolf Blitzer of wearing an “AIPAC flak jacket.”

Via DailyCaller

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