You’ll Shout MAGA When You See That U.S. Just Booted Hong Kong From This Very Important #1 Spot!

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President Trump is making good on his promise to make America great again as the nation roared back to reclaim the title of the world’s most competitive economy.

The U.S. beat Hong Kong for the top spot, retaking the position for the first time since 2015, according to  Switzerland-based IMD World Competitiveness Center’s annual rankings,  Bloomberg reported.

Faster economic growth, as well as scientific and technological innovation, launched the U.S. up from 4th place last year, as the nation scored best in international investment, domestic economy and scientific infrastructure sub-categories.

“The renewed top ranking aligns with the positive U.S. growth narrative over the past year,” Bloomberg reported.  “Growth averaged 2.9 percent in the four quarters through March, versus 2 percent in the prior period.”

Singapore maintained its third-place position from 2017 in the annual rankings by the Swiss group, as Hong Kong scored top spot in categories for government and business efficiency.

The Netherlands, which jumped up one spot, and Switzerland, which fell three spots, rounded out the top five.


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