TOP STORY: Liberal Thought Police Cancel ‘Rosanne’ After Star Posted ‘Controversial’ Tweet

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Roseanne Barr offended the leftists in power at ABC by comparing Islamist Jarrett to a Planet of the Apes character, an offense the snowflakes couldn’t allow to stand…

Roseanne Barr just proved once again that the left’s double standard extends beyond a dual track “justice” system where the elites are exempt from all accountability and into every aspect of American culture. You can get away with saying the most vile things about a Republican woman, particularly one, allied with President Trump, like Sarah Sanders. Just don’t ever poke fun at the leftists themselves or they’ll do their best to destroy you.

Barr said aloud and in public via Twitter the truth that many Americans, even those who share Jarrett’s communist, America-hating views surely must recognize, that she is an Iranian Muslim, that the Obama regime coddled the Muslim Brotherhood, and that she resembles Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes. There’s no reason for anyone, including actress Kim Hunter, who played Dr. Zira, to be upset by the comparison.

It’s comedy and unlike the strictly offensive and hateful barrage from Michelle Wolf when she targeted Sanders at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it’s slightly amusing and true. Comedy is often offensive, the left just isn’t accustomed to being on the receiving end so they’re throwing a tantrum and successfully had the show canceled by the leftists at ABC. That shows they’ve got principles, right? Wrong – that shows they’ve got a black leftist running the network who can’t take a joke either.

Barr’s tweet, which has since been deleted, stated “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” and referenced Valerie Jarrett. Of course the Muslim Brotherhood is a radical terrorist organization and the Planet of the Apes is a movie, so they can’t have children together. It was a shot a Jarrett and by extension Hussein Obama, pure and simple, so what? Together they’ve been taking shots at all of America for over a decade now, forcing Islamists into our country in a sick and destructive union. They were laughing at us the whole time – what’s one joke?

The left has declared all of America to be their safe zone from hurtful things, what they call “hate speech,” such as the truth. Anyone who dares to speak things that they don’t like risks banishment from the public sphere that they control. It happens to everyday Americans daily on Facebook and it happened to a famous and cash-generating machine today. That’s how it is when you live in an increasingly totalitarian society, even one that professes to be free.

The tweet containing the negative comments about poor, innocent Dr. Zira was removed, but the apology for her joke, above, remains. The unfortunate and explosive tweet followed a back and forth with Chelsea Clinton in which Barr spared her any comparisons to Seabiscuit, Seattle Slew or Webster Hubbel.

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