David Hogg’s Latest Stunt Was A COMPLETE FAIL – Publix Protest Blows Up In His Face

Publix Super Markets Inc. announced Friday that it’s suspending all political donations in the wake of a “die-in” boycott from anti-gun Parkland students and others opposed to its donation to a pro-NRA Florida political candidate.

The move presumably includes liberal politicians and causes, too. Some on Twitter pointed out that Publix has given plenty of money to left-leaning causes.

IJR’s Caleb Hull noted that, among other causes, Publix also pulled out of “funding for same-sex marriage and abortion advocacy…”

Publix reportedly gave $670,000 to the pro-business, pro-gun rights candidate Adam Putnam, who is currently running for governor of Florida and once described himself as a “proud NRA sellout” on Twitter.

Boycotts are an increasingly used tool among the left to pressure corporations to de-platform and defund conservative media and political figures.

Via DailyCaller

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