Trump Takes Matters Into His Own Hands – Meets With Rosenstein, Gets His Requested Docs, And Gives DOJ One More Demand

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DOJ Agrees to Allow Congress to Review Requested Classified Docs After Trump Meets With Rosenstein, Wray

President Donald Trump held a meeting at the White Housetoday with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray.

DNI Director Dan Coats was also expected to attend the meeting.

After meeting with Rosenstein and Wray, the White House asked the Inspector General to investigate any irregularities with the FBI’s or DOJ’s tactics concerning Trump’s campaign.

The DOJ also agreed to allow Congress to review the requested documents relating to the FBI’s infiltration into Trump’s campaign.

President Trump has had enough of the stonewalling and took matters into his own hands Monday.

AG Session is AWOL so it’s Trump and a handful of GOP lawmakers versus the Deep State.

The Department of Justice finally acquiesced and agreed to hand over pertinent documents Congress has been requesting for months.

ABC reported:

ABC also reported Congressional leaders will be able to review the highly classified documents.

“White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested,” White House says.

DOJ Spox said there will be no readout on their end about Monday’s meeting with Trump, Rosenstein and Wray.

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