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It’s Official! Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Is BACK on The Air!

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It’s official, and Conservative TV fans are ecstatic!

Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” has officially been revived by Fox just a year after being axed by ABC.

From Conservative Post:

“Last Man Standing” was killing it as the number two comedy on ABC. But that didn’t stop liberal executives who didn’t like Allen’s overt conservatism from cancelling the hit series.

Fans everywhere were furious.

But, after the resounding success of another conservative-leaning sitcom revival in “Roseanne,” Fox knew it just made sense to bring Allen back, too.

In speaking to Fox News about the return of his show, Allen took some very sarcastic jabs at the politically-correct culture in the entertainment industry that tried to push him out.

“I’m going to identify as a woman. We’re going to be very PC. I’m going to identify as an Asian woman that wants to be a European man,” he joked about the next season of “Last Man Standing.”

Getting a little more serious, Allen lamented that “for all of us in the standup world, all of us are seeing this and feeling this, and it’s a little dangerous and uncomfortable that there is things you can’t say because it might hurt people’s feelings.”

Are you a fan of Allen’s comedy? Do you think it was the right move for FOX to pick up this show to add to their new lineup? With Roseanne coming back after decades and hitting record numbers, it’s entirely possible that Last Man Standing could come back strong and totally smash the ratings.

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