Democrats Are Screaming and Shouting After Santa Fe School Shooting, But Their Message is Complete B.S. – Here’s Why

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After serious shooting crimes, especially school shootings, top Democrats immediately begin howling about the need for great gun control.

They rarely take the context and circumstances of each shooting into account, and instead simply shout as loud as possible to push their own agenda and demonize supporters of the Second Amendment.

From Conservative Post:

In the case of Santa Fe High School, where 10 were killed and another 10 wounded in a horrific shooting attack, all the Democrats’ arguments fall flat on their faces.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the likes of Hillary Clinton trying to exploit this school shooting, like every one before it. But this time around, the liberal narrative is blatantly deceptive.

As AWR Hawkins astutely noted over at Breitbart:

Those laws would not have worked because the gunman did not use an “assault weapon” or a “high capacity” magazine. Rather, he used a revolver and a shotgun.

Moreover, universal background checks would have had no impact because the guns did not belong to the attacker. Rather, they were his father’s firearms. Because of this, a waiting period would have been impotent as well.

In other words, even if every single gun control law Democrats are currently pushing had been already implemented in Texas, this particular school shooting still would have happened.

That’s because, as conservatives have been trying to tell everyone, guns don’t kill people. People kill people, and until we fix the crisis of moral standards in this country, those looking to kill others are going to find a way, regardless of what the law says.


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