Alan Dershowitz Goes On ABC And Gives Liberals A Mouthful!

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said that Robert Mueller’s legal team and the FBI are full of “long-term Republicans who hated Trump” on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.


Mediaite founder Dan Abrams said, “Alan’s been consistent on the issue about the law over the years. And I respect that. But the notion that the special counsel can’t view this objectively, that Robert Mueller is somehow, what, Robert Mueller is so compromised? Which way? A long-time Republican? Why can’t Robert Mueller be the one to assess whether there are any crimes here?”

“First of all, this long-term Republican–Comey was a long-term Republican. They’re all long-term Republicans who hated Trump,” Dershowitz said.

Abrams shot back, “You know that Mueller hated Trump?”

“You won’t have any doubt about that at the end,” Dershowitz said.

Via DailyCaller

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