WATCH: Tucker Carlson ROASTS Ana Navarro Over MS-13 Defense In Masterful Way

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson managed to take a shot at CNN’s Ana Navarro on Friday without even mentioning her by name.


Carlson brought up Navarro while debating the appropriateness of President Trump calling MS-13 members “animals” with progressive radio host Leslie Marshall.

The Daily Caller co-founder recalled that Navarro had called Trump an “animal” in an old tweet, despite the fact that she later accused Trump of “dehumanizing” gang members by calling them the same thing.

Even though Carlson admitted he couldn’t remember her name, his description of Navarro was downright hilarious and deadly accurate.

“I hope that you will denounce that — I can’t even remember her name, that CNN contributor who’s always getting crazy on TV who called him an animal,” Carlson said with a huge burst of laughter.

Via DailyCaller

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