Iran Just Threatened to Release ALL The Names of White House Officials Who Were BRIBED To Pass the Iran Deal

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Iranian Regime has threatened to release the names of the White House Officials who were BRIBED to pass the weak Iran deal. This was predicted to happen over a year ago.


Talking about Iran, and others speaking about WW3 bullshit. Iran and Trump have a agreement, this missile bullshit is all a game. Iran is going to release the names of US Officials that supported and supplied the terrorist groups. This is Trumps plan to get Iran to release the evidence instead of him calling them out. This is why he sent Tulsi Gabbard to Syria, and she made the statement that there is no rebels, and Obama / Clinton / Kerry were sending guns to ISIS. This was required in advance of Iran released the names, so it would not look like it was all made up, because it is 100% the truth. CNN and other media outlets will not be able to twist things to fit their narrative.

Everything you see about Iran is for show. Trump is a genius. Everything he does has been planned, everything that appears to go wrong, was planned.

Why do you think he hired Rex Tillerson? Rex Tillerson knows the inner workings of the entire system. He has met with every foreign leader, these leaders respect him, and no they respect Trump.Do you think that these leaders of other countries actually like these Globalists controlling every move they make? Of course not. On to Betsy Devos, her brother is Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, the people Bush and Obama hired to deliver said weapons. Erik Prince was around Trump during his entire campaign.Bannon has all of Breitbart’s research, Bannon knows people, and has contact with CIA/FBI for years. That is why Trump hired him. Bannon is also not the “secret President” like you people claim. He is a well informed man, that is completely red pilled.

Get with the program people, Trump is 10 steps ahead, and once he kills ISIS, and released free energy tech to the world, it will be the beginning of world peace. He will go down as a hero, and people will build monuments to remember his leadership and leader of the free world.

You never people that pretend to hate Trump, and make these CTR/CREW posts just want to watch the World burn.


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