Republican Candidate Has A Bus Tour Ready For Sanctuary Cities…Ready To Take Illegals To The BORDER!

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Though the liberal media are loath to admit it, a majority of Americans stand opposed to Democrat-backed “sanctuary city” policies that protect illegal immigrants who have been charged with crimes from being turned over to federal authorities for prosecution and deportation.

A gubernatorial candidate in Georgia has found a clever, if perhaps controversial, manner in which to exploit that sentiment and turn it into support for his candidacy.

According to The Hill,  Michael Williams recently unveiled his campaign bus in a political ad. But this bus is unlike any other used before in a campaign.

The vehicle appears to be an old prison bus repurposed and rebranded as a “deportation bus” that Williams is taking around the state to drive home his anti-sanctuary cities message.

In the ad, Williams spoke about his strong support for the federal 287(g) immigration program, in which local and state authorities work closely with federal immigration officials to turn over criminal illegal aliens for processing and eventual deportation.

In Williams’ words, that program would “fill this bus with illegals and send them back to where they came from.”

“We’re not just gonna track them and watch them roam around our state, we’re gonna put ’em on this bus and send ’em home,” Williams said.

“If you’re as tired as I am of politicians that do nothing but talk and you want to see this bus filled with illegals, vote Michael Williams on May 22,” he said.

The Hill reported that Williams’ campaign revealed in a media release that the primary focus of his “deportation bus” tour around the state would “expose how dangerous illegal aliens ruin local economies, cost American jobs, increase healthcare costs and lower education standards.”

The campaign further portrayed Williams as “the most outspoken anti-illegal candidate in Georgia’s history.”

It is worth noting that Williams served as a co-chair of then-candidate Donald Trump’s state-level campaign in Georgia in the 2016 presidential election, and it is made clear on the “deportation bus” that Williams is very much “pro-Trump” and in support of the president’s agenda to crack down on illegal immigration.

Williams, who is currently a state senator serving in the Georgia legislature, is one of seven candidates in the crowded field of Republicans vying to replace term-limited Republican Gov. Nathan Deal in the November election.

According to a recent poll released by the University of Georgia, Williams drew only about 3.2 percent support among respondents, placing him fifth in the field of seven. However, 33 percent of those polled remained undecided about who they will vote for.

This campaign ad by Williams will certainly garner his candidacy some attention, both good and bad. He will almost certainly be smeared by the left and some establishment Republicans for his strong stance against illegal immigrants.

But there is also little doubt the message Williams put forward with his “deportation bus” will resonate with more voters than his detractors care to admit. It will be interesting to see how that plays out when Georgia holds its primary election on May 22.

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