Jim Acosta Pesters Sarah Sanders With Torture Questions – Sanders Sends Him Straight To Gitmo

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders swatted away two questions from Jim Acosta Wednesday — and she did not hold back in her answers.


Acosta asked, “Does the president still believe that torture works, as he said during the campaign?”

“You know, honestly I haven’t had a conversation with him about that recently,” Sanders responded.

“And if I could just follow up on questions about these payments regarding Mr. Cohen. You said you are not able to answer these questions here in the briefing, that you would refer us to his outside counsel. Could you possibly work on an arrangement where perhaps Mr. Giuliani or somebody who could speak on behalf of the president from a legal standpoint. Could they come into the briefing room and answer these questions so we’re not on a daily basis trying in vain to ask you about all of these legal troubles facing the president?”

“Mr. Giuliani is not an employee of the White House, but I’m happy to encourage him. I know he’s done a number of interviews with several of you, I’m sure he would be happy to do a few more,” Sanders shot back.

Via DailyCaller

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