Watch Trey Gowdy Pick Apart Comey’s Interview Like A Master Surgeon – Then Drops The F-BOMB!

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In an extensive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, the South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy executively and meticulously took apart some of the former FBI director’s talking points which led up to President Donald Trump’s firing of the former FBI director. In the video below, they stopped short of calling Comey a liar.

This all came about when Comey had an earlier appearance on Fox New’s Special Report with Bret Baier where he made a series of odd claims from his time as FBI director while he was investigating the now disproven “collusion” between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and the Kremlin.

Comey told Baier that he isn’t sure exactly how much of the debunked ” Trump Dossier” created by former British spy Christopher Steele was paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

He followed the claim by downplaying the importance this dossier had in obtaining the wiretap warrant to spy on Carter Page who is a Trump associate. Comey denied that he engaged in leaking when he secretly gave his confidential memos about his meeting with Trump to a friend to have them published in The New York Times.

The Conservative Tribune provided more information on the exchange between Trey Gowdy and Tucker Carlson: “Carlson zeroed in on those issues with Gowdy.

“He doesn’t remember a lot,” Carlson said. “He doesn’t remember when he first heard about the Steele dossier. He doesn’t remember who told him about the Steele dossier. Is that plausible?”

Gowdy, whose reputation for exactness in language and tenacity in grilling witnesses have earned him the nickname “Bulldog,” was having none of Comey’s latest line. It wasn’t plausible at all, he said.

“If he learned about it in the fall of 2016, and it was already known that the Democrats had picked up on that work, so, whoever briefed him… Why would you just say the Republicans started it but not also include the Democrats finished it? So that, that …”

Gowdy didn’t have to say, “that’s a lie.” Anyone listening understood it.

He then turned to how Comey minimalized the role the dossier played in the FBI’s application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when it was seeking a warrant to investigate Trump associate Carter Page as an alleged “agent of a foreign power.”

“I’ve actually read the application, and it is just wrong,” Gowdy said. “It was an indispensable part of the application. Period.”

But it was Comey’s denial in the Baier interview that he’d “leaked” information that Gowdy hit the hardest. In Comey’s world, apparently, a “leak” only occurs when the information that’s surreptitiously released involves information that’s officially considered “classified” by the government.

Gowdy blasted that for the nonsense it is.

“The other thing that I will tell you, Tucker, that I learned tonight is Jim Comey has a definition of the word ‘leak’ that no one else has,” Gowdy said.

“What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony,” Gowdy said. “Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation which is exactly what he did.”

They were only three of the points Gowdy covered, but they blew the lid off key parts of the story Comey’s shilling as he travels the publicity circuit to peddle the memoirs he titled “A Higher Loyalty.”

He’s been getting a respectful greeting from liberals like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and he’s been getting grilled by interviewers like Baier.

But whatever their politics, few know the inside story about Comey the way Gowdy does, a member of the House Intelligence Committee whose years as a federal prosecutor have given him an insight into law enforcement most American civilians can’t match.”

Critics claim that the former FBI Director is more in tune with one political party over the other and appears as though he wanted to help sway Hillary towards victory in the 2016 election.

The alleged corruption appears difficult to investigate because there seem to be various levels of corruption amid drama and side stories within the realm of politics.  Some Americans worry about the internal corruption that might affect the outcome of the presidency and interrupt with the action plan set in place by Donald Trump and his administration.


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