Is President Trump In Line To Receive The Nobel Peace Price?

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For the first time in history, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, crossed the southern border to meet South Korea’s Moon Jae-in. As a symbolic gesture of what’s to come, Kim Jong Un wrote a ‘new history begins now’ in the guestbook message. Kim Jong Un says the two Koreas’ relations should be looking ahead to the future…and the new alliance has a lot to do with President Trump.

From Conservative Post:

According to reports, Kim Jong-un inviting South Korea’s Moon Jae-in to the North Korea side was unplanned.

“It almost all went to script – but watch closely. Kim Jong-un invites South Korea’s Moon Jae-in onto the North Korean side for a photo. There are gasps and applause. Japanese media say that wasn’t part of the plan.”

President Moon Jae-in said that as Kim Jong Un crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), it became a symbol of peace.

Trump is improving international relations for all and doing more in a little over a year of presidency, than what Obama could ever do with his 8 Years! Betting sites are now betting that Trump will win the Nobel Peace Prize at 2/1 odds.

Who deserves credit for this momentous meeting and the push toward peace? Donald Trump, says South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha. “He’s been determined to come to grips with this from day one,” she recently told CNN.

And he may soon have a Nobel Peace Prize to show for it. Trump and Kim are currently the favorites to win the prize, according to one British oddsmaker, and some of Trump’s aides are telling reporters that a lasting thaw between North and South Korea should win Trump the award.

Is the new relationship between North and South Korea enough of Trump’s doing that he should be the one to receive the Peace Prize? What do you think?


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