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NYC Mayor De Blassio Just Banned The STUPIDEST Thing From Central Park, And Residents Are Losing Their Minds

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New York City’s proto-socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio is all about government exerting control over the people, as evidenced by his staunch support for gun control measures that infringe upon the Constitutional right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

From Western Journal:

But guns aren’t the only thing de Blasio wants control over, as he has now announced a ban on vehicles throughout most of New York City’s Central Park, according to The Hill.

The ban on cars in Central Park will apply to all streets below 72nd St. — above which cars had already been banned — but would not apply to certain major thoroughfares that cut through the park.

The comments on the post contained a fairly even split among those who thought the idea was foolish and would create additional traffic congestion throughout the city compared with those who supported the move to have far fewer vehicles mingling with bicyclists and pedestrians in the park. 

According to AMNY, the mayor said in a brief statement, “Our parks are for people, not cars. For more than a century, cars have turned parts of the world’s most iconic park into a highway. Today we take it back.”

Since 2015, motorists have already been banned from driving on the northern “loop” of the park above 72nd St., but that ban will now be extended to the rest of the loop below that street.

Of course, the ban doesn’t apply to emergency vehicles, but do you think that this ban makes any sense? Most residents are outraged and the change, and say it makes no sense. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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