Playboy Model Thrilled She Can Finally ‘Trash Trump’

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The gag order keeping former Playboy model Karen McDougal quite has been removed after reaching an agreement with the tabloid company that was keeping her quiet. McDougal has expressed that she is excited she can finally ‘trash Trump.”

CBS elaborates on the former model’s claims:

McDougal, who alleges she had a sexual relationship with Mr. Trump over 10 months in 2006 and 2007, had sued over the $150,000 contract she had with American Media, Inc., the company that owns The National Enquirer, for keeping her from speaking about it. McDougal’s lawyer previously said the AMI contract “controlled her life” and she “wanted out.” The lawsuit had claimed AMI worked secretly with Mr. Trump’s associates and McDougal’s own lawyer at the time, Keith Davidson, to bury her story about the alleged extramarital affair. 

McDougal’s lawyer, Peter Stris, said this latest agreement “makes right the wrongs that had been perpetrated against her.” 


It is unclear where McDougal plans to take her story first. She has stressed she is not after the money and claims she just wants to unburden herself by speaking out. It is unclear which venue she will choose to tell her story, but it will likely be “unburdened” to the highest bidder.

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