BREAKING: The Immigrant Caravan Was NEVER DISBANDED – Video Shows How They Plan To SNEAK INTO AMERICA

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Despite claims from Mexico that the country stopped the so-called Honduran “Caravan” run by Pueblos sin Fronteras, hundreds of the group were seen boarding “The Beast” train in central Mexico headed for the United States.

The caravan is about two days from the US border.

The poor “women and children” are working their way to the US border.

CNN reported:

A stampede of Central American migrants rushed to the tracks Saturday when the first whistle of the train rang out.

After a few days in Mexico City, it was time to continue their journey north to the US border. About 500 migrants traveling in a caravan climbed onto the freight train just outside the Mexican city of Tultitlán.

They were about 1,500 miles south of the US-Mexico border as they started heading northwest to the city of Celaya.

As the train slowed down, migrants scrambled around the train cars to find a way to climb aboard, throwing small bags of belongings onto the train and hastily helping one another.

Police and guards watched from a few feet away. Some took photos. None took action to stop the migrants as they climbed the train.

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