James Comey HURLS Loretta Lynch Under The Bus, Now Lynch Is Out For BLOOD!

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There’s no honor among thieves. Just ask former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who threw ex-FBI director James Comey under the bus for suggesting that partisan bias induced her to take it easy on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

“I have known James Comey almost 30 years,” Lynch retorted in a statement Sunday (see tweet below). “If he had any concerns regarding the email investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me both privately and in meetings. He never did.”

Lynch continued: “I have never hesitated to make the hard decisions, guided by the Department of Justice’s core principles of integrity, independence and above all, always doing the right thing. The Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton email investigation under my leadership was no exception. It was led by a team of non-partisan career prosecutors whose integrity cannot be overstated.”

Lynch — who met with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac just days before deciding not to indict Hillary Clinton — insists she never colluded with Hillary’s campaign.

“At no time did I ever discuss any aspect of the investigation with anyone from the Clinton campaign or the DNC,” Lynch said.

Lynch was responding to Comey’s revelation that in 2015, Lynch (who was his boss) had ordered Comey and the FBI to refer to the Hillary email investigation as a “matter” and not an “investigation.” At the time, Comey noted that Lynch’s euphemistic word choice mirrored the same terminology used by Hillary’s campaign.

Comey wrote in his book, A Higher Loyalty:

“It occurred to me in the moment that this issue of semantics was strikingly similar to the fight the Clinton campaign had waged against The New York Times in July. Ever since then, the Clinton team had been employing a variety of euphemisms to avoid using the word ‘investigation.’”

“The attorney general seemed to be directing me to align with the Clinton campaign strategy.Her ‘just do it’ response to my question indicated that she had no legal or procedural justification for her request, at least not one grounded in our practices or traditions. Otherwise, I assume, she would have said so.”

Comey said many of his then-colleagues in the FBI who had attended the same meeting with Lynch saw her request as a politically-motivated order.

“I know the FBI attendees at our meeting saw her request as overtly political when we talked about it afterward. So did at least one of Lynch’s senior leaders. George Toscas, then the No. 3 person in the department’s National Security Division, smiled at the FBI team as we filed out, saying sarcastically, ‘Well, you are the Federal Bureau of Matters.”

Lynch was doubling down on the weak self-defense she proffered on April 9 (video below), when she tried to make light of her order to the FBI to call Hillary’s email investigation a “matter” and not an “investigation.”

Meanwhile, James Comey’s book has been widely slammed as non-substantive and for making petty personal attacks on President Trump, such as mocking his hair, “long tie” and undereye circles.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro asked her audience why anyone should listen to Comey when he has been caught in so many lies.

“Why would you believe a guy with a history replete with lies, dishonesty, and contradictions?” Pirro asked. “You [Comey] are the ultimate liar. You lied to multiple people, including Congress under oath. That’s a crime.”

Then, there’s this:

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