Mueller’s REAL Agenda Is Not What It Appears To Be

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Trump’s enemies in the FBI are willing to bend the law to the point of breaking, hoping they can reverse the presidential election of 2016.  This now includes seizure of protected communications between the president and his lawyers. They insist these measures are warranted because of the “collusion with Russia,” although no evidence whatsoever has been made public, and it’s obvious they are just phishing for something they can use at this point.

But the real question is WHY? Is it really an attempt to impeach the president, or do they have another agenda here?

The American Thinker explains:

President Trump was negotiating conditions for his interview with the special counsel that were restrictive as to what could be asked. Perhaps Mueller determined that it was unlikley to be productive. This raid now virtually precludes such an interview being agreed to. This will enable Mueller to seek a grand jury subpoena, which would lead to free questioning of the president with no counsel present. Trump can be expected to decline to honor such a subpoena, which would set off a constitutional criss, and help along the impeachment movement. 

“Trust us,” the FBI says, even as its stonewalls Congressional inquiries into its own potentially criminal behavior investigating the president.

Timing is everything here. The long-awaited DOJ Inspector General’s report is coming any day now. We don’t know what it will say, but in all likelihood, it will move the national conversation in a direction unfriendly to the interests of the Deep State.

There is an election is 4-plus months, in which control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is at stake. Even if the evidence developed out of the raid is thrown out of court in any resulting prosecution, that is irrelevant. What is important is the ammunition to be developed and leaked to pet media outlets that can be used to sway voters to elect an impeachment Congress.

My strong suspicion that, having failed to find anything related to his mandate, Robert Mueller is baiting the president to fire him. By stepping over the line and fishing for evidence in confidential and privileged attorney-client relations, he is misbehaving, but doing so through a cut-out, the US Attorney in New York. He wants the firestorm that would result to push control of Congress into Democrat hands.

So while Mueller is just dying to say the words, “You’re fired” to President Trump, they all know it’s not going to happen. Instead they are shooting for the next best thing: Dems in control of Congress.

Do you think they will be able to brainwash enough people to complete their agenda? Let us know in the comments below!

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