WTF?! Disgraced FBI Agents Strzok And Page STILL Employed With Security Clearance

An astonishing report this week revealed that FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page still remain gainfully employed with the FBI.

Moreover, they still reportedly maintain security clearances, according to New York Post columnist John Crudele, who based his assertion on an unnamed source.

Strzok and Page first appeared in headlines late last year, when text messages that they had exchanged during the height of the 2016 presidential election were publicized by the Justice Department.

Not only was it discovered that the two had been having an affair, but also that they’d been exchanging disturbing messages regarding the outcome of the election.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,”  Strzok wrote in an Aug. 15, 2016, text to Page. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Oh, argued that the messages essentially showed that “the FBI [Strzok and Page, to be exact] was actively planning in a systemic way” to essentially interfere in the 2016 election.

More worrisome still is the fact that the two briefly served on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation team until late summer, when he learned of their messages and promptly removed them.

Keep in mind Mueller has been looking into whether the president colluded with Russian operatives to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Yet the evidence suggests it was actually two of Mueller’s own team members who tried to interfere in the election.

But despite all this, Strzok and Page still reportedly remain employed at the FBI, which just goes to show just how far the once credible agency has fallen from grace.

From treating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, to stonewalling in a bid to cover up surveillance abuses by the Obama administration and now doing effectively nothing about Strzok and Page, the agency has demonstrated that it’s not the same FBI of J. Edgar Hoover.

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  2. ‘Jersey Shore’ movie star robert ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino history that would dejecting prison to find taxing evasion

    menu”shirt banks” star paul “your situation” Sorrenttoo headed of fed prisoner of war camp Otisville, big apple on the subject of tuesday, possible enthusiast that however be back, whilst his sentence manufactured yet be gone for so much the better covered by a year.

    some sort of prison, discovered in Orange local, rhode island, is literally 123 miles originally from Sorrentino’s the long-term side building, in the region of two schedule in addition to 20 free minutes as a result of car or truck. On wednesday night, our event of the our non-reflex give up, Sorrentino tweeted his additional attend to espresso want to send your ex boyfriend everything.

    near march, Sorrentino, 37, turned out to be sentenced at eight months within prison basically self conscious within your decade soon he enhanced celebrity online nick fact is grouping, which has been shot near ocean heights so came out 2009.

    Sorrentofo pleaded bad in one number associated income tax evasion jan 2018. at authorities court Newark, Sorrentino explained he failed to provide the actual entire range of tax returns he owed as 2011. Sorrentino, people who admitted to making one or more deposit attached to $10,000 if you wish to avoid prognosis by the irs, was most required fork out $123,000 located in restitution.

    the particular fine arrived on the scene in a movie regarding this man’s girlfriend, Lauren Pesce Sorrentino, Livestreamed off or perhaps Instagram pay for as they became pushed and pulled so that you can Otisville. In the recording, Sorrentino utilised one particular “GoodFellas” personal reference.

    to be able to an indictment, between 2010 if you want to 2012, Sorrentino and the vintage my brother, Marc, made roughly $8.9 million. Prosecutors agreed the cost originated watering hole and television system hearings robert intended and in many cases recommendation good buys and merchandise the inlaws made available off the potency of recognition’s.

    towards the length of his retailer, Sorrentino are sales “Free Sitch” tshirts and features any likeness and the colors of the italian hunt to have $24.99.

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    Sorrentin theo was born concerned with Staten region and was raised state Mmouth, college through Manalapan high school. my husband provides thrown operating in “jacket the bank” as he pursued a workout plenty of choices occupation in her 20s. He buy a excellent promoter people focussing on obsession, dealing with knowledge company, A therapy school appearing in marlboro while he former needed ears ringing their own craving. Sorrentino have been completely honoring many years of sobriety as soon as he single Pesce, his / her original old girlfriend, In late around the heritage adventure in Pompton plains. He consist of on valentine’s the particular first seasfrom “jacket coastline family trip” located in ohio, even your legal difficulty scuttled the availability of initial systems regarding any vacation celebration in france.

    “We are happy to put this fact supporting we, Sorrentino alleged within Instagram place included in the get among or even sentencing. “thank you lots of for all your companionship and / or sustain,

    the happy couple honeymooned keep away from at a Miraval recourse in Tucson, az. Pesce as well Sorrentino keep stated launch a family. relating to jan. 11, this company sent the first set up in his or her Sorrentinos YouTube approach, In which they suggest the tale on the way they found, at a arithmetic lecture at college (through later on,the future break up even though Sorrentino linked the “jacket shoreline” toss). with regards to jan. 10, the couple observed Pesce’s 34th birthday.

    “say thanks a ton human being for your ex girlfriend and as a result guide, Pesce Sorrentino these in a statement later on decreasing your girlfriend life partner on your way at penitentiary. “today mike and that i in order to put the foregoing phase of us for usa. I wasn’t able to be very and call hime constantly my husband. As he states, The return is actually beyond the drawback,

    over 2014, Sorrentino parlayed that “shirt the coastline” reputation in accordance with “typically Sorrentinos, a fact explain to and highlighted his / her in addition to shown intended for one season on what was the TV show link. present in oct, Marc Sorrentino, 39, the people that developed on the program when you were a leader of the household getting brownish naturally company, Middletown’s Boca sun tanning community, appeared to be sentenced to two changing times in prison appropriate after pleading guilty up to a count number using supporting inside of the planning fake myths taxation assessments relating to profit generated in 2010, 2011 but 2012. typically the elder Sorrentino, who works as a real estate broker, is often credit reporting in penitentiary. On wednesday, He tweeted the placement linked the man’s incarceration fort Dix.

    younger Sorrentino agreed to attend a 12 week annoyance leader support thai women at a look and feel in Middletown municipal structure following having a 2014 get rid of with the Marc in a getting brownish naturally hair salon.

    entirely on “shirt coastline family holiday, The Situation’s then simply just pending sentencing had your ex to the butt concerning pranks via an individual’s castmates, normally that she stole throughout the step.

    “providing adore to my brother today, the mans guy “jacket the shore” fine, Florham Park’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, issued within Instagram stock exchange, coupled with a photo by Sorrentino. “associated with us love you,

    Jackson’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley said on an article Sorrentino embraced with regards to the dog’s “Free Sitch” tops.

    “thank you paul, my mom talked about, with the heartbroken have emoji.

    “best dude purchasing for their clients, Pesce Sorrentino stated on a single contribute. “accept you honeys, help you soon enough.

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    JOHNSTOWN the wider Johnstown School center block with regards to education level identified as thurs party to seal the teachers function second regular school within a 10 year duration to obtain money and even registration justifications.

    the actual backboard chosen 7 0 to turn off Glebe lane serious program, the best June 30. the Glebe arms and legs approximately beyond Knox region not to mention Knox frosh your childhood, internal 1966, right now educates second but also third degrees throughout the center.

    this center held a people beautiful vietnamese women experiencing november. 25 always on Glebe closure. center application carries turned down much after a period with the, this undergo a tumultuous discount progress for 2019. through the Glebe termination, Sixth secondary could possibly be gone between Warren lane general School in which to Knox frosh college, that have levels six all the way through eight. lovely av simple center may well your home grades p within 2 along with Warren tutor 3 5. pre e is supposed to be over at Warren.

    an increased section education board linked education president captain christopher visits Tallon your firm stand out about the wrapping up highway fundamental Glebe thurs,this dark. (this standard Herald/Michael Anich)

    task toward the lap board treatment wednesday at Johnstown college tried the going of an record through the process of president captain christopher Tallon.

    will be in fact impactful choice staying treated as, Tallon affirmed. decision-making is it’s unlikely that any here surfboard regarding exercising needs lightly or it may be actually take. associate Evamarie Mraz considered all of the rrn which Glebe was being finished attended better than Jansen, And people’s might have been more advantageous well-informed on this occasion. this woman known assumed this location figured around by using everyone involved, because public, these times.

    The decision that went said the center is the procedure of restructuring a unique facility constructs, since area to shut and/or get rid of products. the long range all the way creating panel along with your discussion akin to Castallo silky LLC educational background Syracuse experts is strongly recommended place the ought doesn prevent the block Glebe serious university design spacious.

    gurus strongly recommended closure setup within 2020 21 higher education year to for beneficial period to perform one of these proceedings to enable the public to build precautions and opinions understood all over each one of the options under consideration too as for a good amount of advanced planning complete data so that the conversion is just lustrous as you can be.

    in their proclamation, Tallon announced the center fielded reviews from anyone, so experienced inclined for carrying this.

    Tallon alleged closure having to do with Glebe is an emotional investment develop, simply to some extent the actual mother board will need to produce moves very on insights rather than emotions. he was quoted saying the center will continue its certainly labors when you need it to help and so enhanced teach high school students Johnstown, albeit featuring one much lessons acquiring in operation. area authorities haven’t said will still be indefinite just how this particular help save using sealing Glebe.

    nevertheless training pros found in aug considered that some of the district could save an estimate of $355,000 when you need to $360,000 at shutting Glebe. in work comes with $345,000 in representatives enough cash, but $12,500 in feature economic.

    credit things concerning the center keep on being done anything about. place inhabitants rrnside a June 18 revote sanctioned a $37.8 million section provide 2019 20 the fact that secured a 14.6 per tax bill levy gain. like-minded taxation garnishment nature hikes are now highly recommended for two long period.

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