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What This Witness To The YouTube Shooting Just Told The Media Completely DESTROYS Their Narrative

The man went off the media’s script, but he was speaking for millions.

In the immediate aftermath of any catastrophe, initial witness accounts are almost always distorted. Perceptions skewed by panic end up being corrected when the smoke clears.

But the words of one witness present during Tuesday’s shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, were true at the moment he spoke them — and gun grabbers and the mainstream media had to be horrified.

From Conservative Tribune:

It was a desperate wish that he had the means to defend himself in his hands, at that moment.

It wasn’t what the plotline the media has been pushing since the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

It wasn’t David Hogg and the other sudden celebrity “survivors” being used to unleash a wave of anti-gun hysteria. But it was exactly what most Americans can relate to.

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