Trump Condemns Oakland Mayor, Calls For Action – ‘Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice…Something Should Be Done’

Thursday in West Virginia during a roundtable on tax reform, President Donald Trump accused Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf of being guilty of “obstruction of justice” for warning illegal immigrants about a raid by federal deportation officers last February.

Trump said, “If you look in California and see what is happening, it is an incredible phenomenon because sanctuary cities, it is the worst. It is the city to protect a lot of people who are bad people.”

He continued, “How about the mayor of Oakland where she tells a thousand people to get going, law enforcement is coming to get you. This is all planned and many of them scattered. It was pretty much a failure. To me, that is obstruction of justice. Something should happen there. It hasn’t, and I do not know why it hasn’t. But something should happen there. We are toughening up at the border. We will be in great shape over the next 12 months. We will have a lot of things happening. We cannot let people enter our country.”

 Via Breitbart

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