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The Mainstream Media Is Completely Ignoring MAJOR Story About Obama’s Secret GAY Lover

Larry Sinclair says he had a drug-induced sexual affair with a married Barack Obama, and no one seems to care, while Stormy Daniels has become a household name for allegedly having sex with Donald Trump.

From Conservative Post:

Sinclair revealed that he and Obama hooked up for a steamy two-day love affair back in 1999, when Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate.

He doesn’t understand why the media is all but ignoring his affair with Obama, while at the same time focusing so much attention on Daniels, the porn star who claims she got down and dirty with Trump in 2006, not long after he had married Melania.

“Stormy Daniels is being pimped and pimping the media now and it’s lining her pockets,”Sinclair told The Washington Examiner. “I believe she had sex with him. Do I believe she’s trying to twist and add to it to benefit her interests? You’re damn right I do.”

So, why all the attention on Daniels, while all but ignoring Obama’s alleged GAY affair and drug use?

Sinclair was wondering the same:

“I find this whole double standard sickening, and no I am not a bigger supporter of Trump, but I am a supporter of fair and unbiased media coverage.”

Do you believe Sinclair, or is he just someone looking to gain attention and notoriety?

What do you think?

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