WHOA! Late Night Host Stephen Colbert Just MANNED UP And Apologized To President Trump!

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Stephen Colbert has been known to throw punches President Trump’s way with nightly monologues and headline skits that criticize the president and his administration. However, Thursday night the “Late Show” host did something he hasn’t done before: apologize.

From Fox News:

While discussing the popular “Roseanne” revival, which returned this week after a 20-year hiatus, Colbert stopped to admire the sitcom’s stellar reviews — just hours after Trump announced that he called Roseanne Barr, who plays unabashed Trump supporter Roseanne Conner in the show, to congratulate her on the success.

“The reason why Trump crowed about the ratings is because on the show the character Roseanne agrees with Donald Trump, and a lot of people have called that refreshing,” Colbert says of the show’s political approach. “Well, I would like 18 million people to watch my show.”

Therefore, Colbert said he “sincerely” apologizes to Trump, admitting that there is something the pair can agree on: “CNN lies.” The comedian was referring to Trump’s repeated accusation that the cable TV network disseminates “fake news.”

As far as liberal entertainers go, this is actually pretty much unprecedented. While hundreds (or maybe thousands) of Hollywood snowflakes have bashed Trump over the last year (and before), none of them have stepped up to say they were wrong on any facet of their hatred. While I don’t think I’ll start watching his show, I tip my hat to Colbert.

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