OBAMA 2.0. Eric Holder Wants To Finish What Obama Started – Ruining America

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder says Americans would be able to count on him to “unify the country” if he became the 46th U.S. commander in chief.

The man who once told New York Times’ Alex Burns that he wanted to “make redistricting sexy again” sat down with the reporter again this week to talk about a wide range of issues — including a possible presidential run.

Mr. Holder said during an hourlong interview that he was still open to the idea of a 2020 presidential campaign that could pit him against President Trump.

In the interview, Holder explained his discontent that Hillary Clinton was not President and alluded that he could ‘repair’ the country by picking up where Former President Barack Obama had left off…which, according to most of our memories, was near ruins.

h/t WashingtonTimes

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