Trump Delivers Speech, Defends Second Amendment – Then One Man Makes Trump Laugh And The Audience Applaud!

Trump gave a speech on infrastructure to a crowd in Ohio Thursday afternoon, but of course the Second Amendment came up as a topic.

The president touched on a wide-array of issues in the speech but the loudest applause line came when Trump talked about the Second Amendment. The president brought up the recent calls by the left to repeal the Second Amendment.


“We want to protect our second Amendment,” POTUS stated, earning cheers from the audience. He added that there were some “very important and respected” Democrats calling to “get rid of our Second Amendment.”

As Trump paused for effect on the line a man in the audience shouted one word at him, “Tyranny!”

Trump laughed and pointed at the man, before saying “You could be right about that.”

The audience applauded as Trump forcefully said, “That’s not going to happen.”

“We’re going to protect our Second Amendment.”

Via DailyCaller

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