FEARFUL, Mainstream Media Boycotts Trump En Masse

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Many mainstream media have taken biased coverage to a new level by deciding to boycott neutral coverage of President Trump. If they don’t have anything nasty to say, apparently they will not be saying anything at all.

The Hill Reports:

The three top cable news networks all cut away from President Trump‘s speech in Ohio on Wednesday before it ended, prompting complaints from the White House.

The speech was set to focus on infrastructure but saw the president go off script to touch on other topics.

It started just after 2 p.m, but within 30 minutes of Trump taking the stage CNN and MSNBC cut away to discussions with analysts and to report other news. Fox News remained on the speech for about ten minutes longer, according to social media reports, before cutting away also.

Fox Business Network, which was also covering the speech, stayed with Trump for the duration of his remarks.

News networks were frequently criticized during the 2016 election for airing Trump’s speeches largely in full. Some critics said covering Trump’s rallies in full gave him an advantage in securing the GOP nomination. CNN President Jeff Zucker in October of 2017 called the decision to air Trump’s campaign speeches in full a “mistake.”

Instead of being able to listen to the President and make an informed opinion about policy decisions, much of America will only have access to the biased commentary after the fact. That’s the spirit of journalism right there, right?

Apparently the left wing media is afraid people will think what he has to say makes sense if they are actually allowed to listen to his speeches.

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