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Trump And His Supporters Just Had a MAJOR Win in Hollywood Last Night – Liberals Can’t Believe This!

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Roseanne Barr, one of the few outspoken supporters of President Donald Trump in the entertainment world, made a triumphant return to prime time television with a reboot of her classic sitcom this week — and a character that speaks for a whole lot of the country when it comes to the president. And judging by the viewing audience, she won by a landslide.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the return of “Roseanne” drew more than 18 million viewers for back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m. eastern, with numbers rising for the second episode.

“That’s an incredibly strong start for the sitcom, thus far only committed to nine episodes,” The Hollywood Reporter noted.

It’s particularly strong, given the hostility the Republican president generally receives in television entertainment. Barr’s character on “Roseanne” supports Trump as strongly on the show as the actress does in real life.

The show boasts a range of characters who don’t agree politically, of course, and the grandson who likes to wear dresses might be a little off-putting. But just having a character in the lead role being a staunch Trump supporter is a lot more reflective of American reality than the knee-jerk anti-Republican attitudes of the rest of entertainment programming.

For a show that’s appearing on the same network that canceled Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” last year, that’s a breath of fresh air.


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