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Planned Parenthood Just Crossed The Line With Their Latest Tweet Requesting DISGUSTING New Character From Disney

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The nationwide abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood is a heavyweight in Democrat Party politics, where a woman’s right to “choose” to end a pregnancy has been a sacred cow for decades.

But when one affiliate stuck its toe into the children’s entertainment field with a now deleted tweet pushing the idea that the heroine of a children’s movie should have a least one abortion in her past, it went too far.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to USA Today, a branch of Planned Parenthood in eastern Pennsylvania published a Twitter post this week outlining the qualities liberals should be looking for in a new Disney princess.

And suffice it to say, it’s not exactly “The Little Mermaid.”

In fact, the proposed character checks off box after box of Democrats’ cherished identity politics.

But it was the first one that is so outrageous it’s stomach-turning: “We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion.”

The tweet was Planned Parenthood’s attempt to be part of a social media craze describing non-traditional Disney princesses. BuzzFeed collected a partial list of some of the alternate Disney princesses. Some are funny, some are sharp, but none of the others make even veiled a reference to murdering babies. 

Revolting as it is, it makes you wonder why other Democrat-favored demographics got left off the list. Why not a Disney princess who kills cops while the officers are guarding a Black Lives Matter march, for instance?

Or maybe a Disney princess who enters the country illegally and rapes children?

The tweet drew a storm of criticism on Twitter.


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